Custom House Sign

Together we will make a custom ceramic sign for your home! You can create custom wording, such as a family name (eg. Welcome to the Smith's), or just have it say "welcome" or "No Soliciting" with decorative elements. You can add an optional pocket for a small succulent or other plant. I will provide you a succulent once the sign is finished and glazed. I have attached the glaze color options, and they can be used in any combination. I will create a second class time to glaze your signs.

Couples welcome and can pay as one as long as you are only making one sign together!

Price includes forming the sign in clay, glazing it, and both firings in my kiln.

Class time: 11:00am-1:00pm
Class date: Apr 13, 2019
Lesson type:
Private lesson
Small group
Supplies included:
Supplies included
Supplies not included
Some supplies included
Skill level:
All skill levels
One time
Multiple days
Open studio
Cancellation policy: Please let me know if you will not be able to make it 24 hours in advance.