Intro to Crochet for Beginners

My name is DJ I’m 23 and I’m new to teaching & rock maker scissors, but I am very experienced with all kinds of arts and crafts. I love to crochet and sometimes knit also, I also enjoy working with clay and making my own jewelry. I’m a very laid back, friendly person and would love to share my skills with other people, especially those passionate about art and learning new things :) I’ve taught a few friends of mine to crochet, and I just had a blast teaching them, and now they have a new relaxing (and awesome) hobby to kill time with, make gifts for their friends & family, and something just to do for fun on their day off. Please let me know if you’re interested in meeting me, and discovering a new hobby that you enjoy too! Thanks for reading :)

Class date: Apr 22, 2019
Supplies included:
Supplies included
Supplies not included
Some supplies included
Skill level:
All skill levels
One time
Multiple days
Open studio
Cancellation policy: Please let me know within 24hrs before scheduled class
Class time: 2:30pm-3:30pm
Lesson type:
Private lesson
Small group