Learn how to make your design in metal

Learn how to make your ideas and designs come to life in metal.

This class is designed for the person that has a great design in their head or on paper but doesn't know how to use the tools or equipment to make it. Or aren't sure which tools are the correct ones to use to make it. Being able to make something yourself that you designed yourself is a great feeling.

There are a lot of challenges going from paper to a finished project. Every design has different challenges. So every class is specific to the person and their design.

In the 2 hour class we will start with a drawing of your design and break down everything from there. It doesn't have to be a good drawing either. You can get a lot of information from a crappy drawing on a welding table.
The things to consider when making something from a drawing.
-Scale and Measurements.
-Type of material to make it from (steel, aluminum, or maybe wood is a better material for your design.)
-How much material to buy and where to buy it.
-Tools needed to make the design. ( saws, drills, grinders, welders)
-How to finish the design. ( paint, powder coat, no finish)

If you already have most of that stuff figured out and only want to focus on a particular part. We can do that too. It is a completely custom class.

Once all of the specifics are figured out then I can teach you to use the tools needed to make your design. I have lots of tools and equipment that cover a wide variety of uses and price ranges. I will go over safety for the tools, cost of buying and using the tools and alternatives to some of the tools.

Classes are 2 hours 3pm to 5pm every Saturday and Sunday. Other times and days can be arranged as well.

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Cancellation policy: Please cancel 24 hours before class time
Class time: 3pm- 5pm
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