Learn how to Cut and Prepare metal for Welding

In this class you will get to choose from a variety of metal cutting, grinding and sanding methods to prepare metal for welding. Just like my welding class. This class is customized for every student. It is a 2 hour class every Saturday 1pm-3pm
The processes I offer:

Plasma Cutting- Specialized cutting process that requires and air compressor with high air flow and high voltage to cut up to 5/8 inch steel. The most expensive material cutting option.

Oxygen and Acetylene torch cutting- Doesn't use electricity. Can cut steel anywhere you can carry the oxygen and acetylene tanks to. With the right size of torch and pressure you can cut over 1 inch of steel.

Chop saw- creates a nice straight cut with low heat input. can cut up to 5 inch thick material. you can buy different blades for different materials.

4 1/2 inch grinder with a cut off wheel- Uses a skinny wheel to cut up to 2 inches of material. With a 4 1/2 inch grinder you can cut, grind and sand just by switch out the wheel.
Belt Sander- Used to clean mill scale off of metal and clean edges after cutting.

This class can be taken two different ways.
One way is as a follow up to my "Learn how to weld" class. The other is you can prep your own material to use in my welding class.

If you have a specific project in mind that you are prepping metal for please bring your own material. It can be purchased in large sizes and varieties at "Standard Steel" or "Metal Supermarkets". Smaller sizes and varieties can be purchased at "Home Depot" or "Ace Hardware".
If you just want to learn how to use the tools or are prepping metal for the welding class I offer I will supply the material.

Space is limited. So only 2 people per class.

Class date: Sep 1, 2019
Class date: Sep 7, 2019
Class date: Sep 28, 2019
Class date: Aug 31, 2019
Class date: Sep 14, 2019
Class date: Sep 21, 2019
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Cancellation policy: Please cancel 24 hours before class time
Class time: 1pm-3pm
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